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The city was amazingly clean today for the popes inauguration. The porta potty street sweeper combo just outside of saint peters is truly a thing of beauty.

Power Plant

Excellent museum of sculpture set in an old municipal power plant called Montemartini. Stone and steel in all its glory.


One of my favorite places to get a drink on my runs at piazza del popolo. I’ve come through here early morning runs and found a bar of soap and an overflowing basin, bather nowhere in site.


Our neighborhood water fountain Acqua Paolo has a view to match the scale of the structure. Another piece of papal infrastructure it celebrated the reopening of an aqueduct. I end most of my runs here by scooping up some water.


Garbage trucks everywhere in this city, most of it mini, sweepers, dump trucks, loaders and flashy worker uniforms. AMA(Roma garbage service)performs a daily type of street theater. Even if they can’t get the city perfectly clean its a good distraction.

Pope Tunnel

I had no idea this existed but the Vatican has its own train track for fast pope getaways.


Walked down to the old port of Rome in Testaccio yesterday. Not much activity for a couple thousand years except floods continuing to shift the silt around the old structure.


I spent my last day before travelling touring waukesha’s greatest infrastructure of the 1970’s. ┬áBucky Fuller loves sewage treatment plants too.