Monthly Archives: January 2013


The state of my studio as of yesterday, all is progressing well. Next on the agenda is trash, bombs and more subterranean.


I love how integrated water is in the thinking of this city right down to the detail. This is one of the most artful ways I have ever seen to centrally collect rainwater. The entire courtyard flows into this beautiful piece.


Our good friend and archaeologist Steven Ellis led a fantastic trip to Pompei today. Well worn grooves in the road pavers from the old wagon wheels were amazing.


I keep seeing all of these 80’s Renault’s around the city. It takes me back to working on Le Cars with my dad in our garage, pumping brakes for hours while my friends played football. Somehow comforting that this Renault Encore is still in operation.


One of the best gardens at the American Academy and maintained by the Rome Sustainable Food Project I love to see what greens, vegetable and herbs are growing.


Santa Cecilia is one of my favorite churches. So many amazing things about the space but today particularly struck by the organ and pipes.


Piazza San Pietro was still full of action last night for epiphany. I run through there at least three times a week and have taken to doing at least one lap around the tree and nativity. I am pretty sure it was designed as a .5k track.

Old Road

Amazing long run this morning out to Via Appia Antica. Ruins, sheep, farms and catacombs. One of my favorite runs of the year.


Hours and hours at Ostia Antica climbing stairs, looking in shops, houses, mills, baths and cemeteries.


Out wandering and found my shadow.