Monthly Archives: January 2013


Experimenting with forms for new types of river islands. I set the cast pieces on the banks before the river rose to see how the flood dynamics would interact with them. Advertisements


We had an amazing visit to the Capella Paolina at the Vatican. It was designed by Sangallo with Michelangelo frescoes. The chapel is used for ceremony when a new pope is elected.


Our neighborhood water fountain Acqua Paolo has a view to match the scale of the structure. Another piece of papal infrastructure it celebrated the reopening of an aqueduct. I end most of my runs here by scooping up some water.


Still smelling the boxwood after a visit to Villa Ada, transporting me back to Charlottesville. Some very nice spatial sequences here as well. After this planting nothing but boxes…

Stone Pine

Hands down my favorite tree here. The pines are planted in most of the parks and villas. They produce pine nuts that my girls like to collect and crack for pesto.


Garbage trucks everywhere in this city, most of it mini, sweepers, dump trucks, loaders and flashy worker uniforms. AMA(Roma garbage service)performs a daily type of street theater. Even if they can’t get the city perfectly clean its a good distraction.


We wandered over into the subterranean of the Baths of Caracalla. Need to make a return trip to see more tunnels, mill and the mythraeum.