Monthly Archives: January 2013


Still smelling the boxwood after a visit to Villa Ada, transporting me back to Charlottesville. Some very nice spatial sequences here as well. After this planting nothing but boxes…

Stone Pine

Hands down my favorite tree here. The pines are planted in most of the parks and villas. They produce pine nuts that my girls like to collect and crack for pesto.


Garbage trucks everywhere in this city, most of it mini, sweepers, dump trucks, loaders and flashy worker uniforms. AMA(Roma garbage service)performs a daily type of street theater. Even if they can’t get the city perfectly clean its a good distraction.


We wandered over into the subterranean of the Baths of Caracalla. Need to make a return trip to see more tunnels, mill and the mythraeum.


Campo de Fiori at 6:00am setting up for the day.


Leonid readying forms for a concrete pour as part of his serial art installation. Also collaborating with him on a prototype for moss pavers.

Pope Tunnel

I had no idea this existed but the Vatican has its own train track for fast pope getaways.


There seems to be no end to the shifting sky and light out of my studio window.


The fellows hosted a celebration for all of the affiliate fellows at the academy last night, each of them giving a brief talk. We are so grateful to have such wonderful people in our community and so sad to see them go.


More good light from fragments of an old Roman bath turned into a basilica.