Monthly Archives: January 2013


Last of the remaining holiday carpets, utility cover imprint by collective movement.

Table Setting

Getting set up for the opening of Cinque Mostre at the Academy. Erik on the ladder fixing the camera for our installation “Dinner Conversation”.


Sunset at Borghese Gardens and this wall was amazing.


Aside from my studio the billiard room is one of my favorite spaces at the academy. Valerio shooting with Liam and Jeff looking on.


6am running by the Pantheon.


One of my favorite places to get a drink on my runs at piazza del popolo. I’ve come through here early morning runs and found a bar of soap and an overflowing basin, bather nowhere in site.


Went out to Corviale to visit the social housing project. The complex is huge at a kilometer in length, the mailboxes have their own story to tell.