Monthly Archives: December 2012


Found this today when I was out for a walk. Connection of two fence sections at a park near our place. The magic number 13.


There are thousands of fountains, basins, pools and ponds in this city. This one I encountered at a beautiful park near our place where I run. Nobody seems in a hurry to fix the leak.


The leaves on the ginkgo trees just fell this week. Fall officially begins after the solstice around here?


Took a day trip today to Orvieto through an hour of fog. We got off the train then the funicular took us through the fog and we were greeted by the most amazing cloudscape.


Our backyard here is full of oranges, grapefruit and lemon trees. Coming from minnesota this continues to amaze me. The growing season here is endless.


Different paving types all over the city. I am convinced that there is some kind of coding that goes into their placement beyond just marking hazards or crosswalks.


Went to beautiful mass this morning at Santa Maria in Trastevere. The space was full of many kinds of luce.


Some of the most amazing textures live in archaeological sites.


Wandered in on nervi’s pallazo dello sport on a run recently. Convinced that I needed to see this with an elevated heart rate we dashed in through the athletes entry onto the court and were greeted by this.


What could be more festive than lines of red all over the city?